Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful and colorful...

Colorful opposed to black and white that is... Just to make sure that there is no misunderstanding! In any case today I took another trip on the subway, trying to get more images for my project... And when I got home I decided to try to process them in color... Not that I didn't like the contrasty black and white look of my last post... But I wanted to find out if I can do this in color as well to match my non people subway images... I like the opening image... I'm cranky today as I had loads of sugar last night and am still pretty tense... So this image puts me at ease... Relaxes me... I think I want to listen to this guy's story... He seems happy and content!

I missed the point when this passenger actually made his lighter work... He spent the next five minutes trying to fix it... Maybe more... But I got off the car by then... ;)

 Walk by shot... Didn't actually see the dog until it was too late, but luckily I had the shot already...

 Guy with great hair carrying a big box... Maybe a cake? Yummy!

This is at Times Square... It was actually quite busy there today... I was pleasantly surprised... In this image I like that the guy created this calm spot in this super crazy environment just by submersing himself into a paper...

 Love this: The lines, the arrow, the styling and the profile...

They were so cute together! Young love! ;)

He reminds me of a Danish photographer I know... But I doubt he would wear shades in the subway...

 They noticed me... But they didn't mind... Me neither!

 Shades again!

 Reminds me of another friend of mine... But with more spiky hair (More belongs to spiky here!)

 Love the way she looks up above me?

 More people interacting with smart phones...

After this one I was happy to return home... This might be my favorite of the day!


  1. Like those very much. The most impressive to me, is the fact that you captured more "engaged" facial expressions here...happiness, determination, focused, other words, very lively. :)

  2. Thank you, Anonymous! I'm trying my best... Although that might be just the luck of the draw... Maybe people were more "engaged" on Thanksgiving than on usual days? We'll see how it goes in the next days... ;)