Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Actor, Firefighter, Muslim... Superman!

This entry is about a shoot I did for the 9-11 issue of the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit: A portrait of Muslim firefighter and actor Hisham Tawfiq... He was interviewed about 9-11, being a firefighter on that day, being a Muslim in the US since and so on... Originally our shoot was scheduled very short notice for that evening... But he was tough to get a hold of for me... So I almost had him down as "one of those subjects"... But it turned out that he was actually filming that day and they were running late but not giving out info as freely as one would have hoped for... In any case we decided to shoot the next morning and meet at his station at 7am instead... We got great images (I think!) and I really enjoyed our conversations... Hisham turned out to be really down to earth and a great guy to work with...
I even got invited for a tour of the station later that night... What's not to like? ;) 
Maybe I should explain the title of this entry some more: As I was learning more and more about Hisham through our conversations I became more and more impressed by his story: Living in the Middle East, becoming a Marine, working as a corrections officer then firefighter... And finally breaking into acting... Wow, that truly sounds like a lot of hard work! Good luck making it!

Trying to capture some of a typical New York City feeling...

Love this one... Looks to me like a poster for an action movie!

Sitting on the stoop of an abandoned building in Harlem actually very close by where I live...

Close up time... Same location...


  1. Is this gay porn?

    1. No, it is not.

      Thank you though, Anonymous, for participating here.