Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A dog, another dog!

This is another image from the trip to the Baltic Sea... A shot of the young hovawart puppy Atos... My dad's new dog... Really neat when he doesn't try to grab your hand with his teeth... ;)
Anyway, I tried to take his portrait numerous times... But he still has tons of energy, always moving around... So I got him here in the trunk of the car... Really like his attentive look...

I was actually quite surprised how much of the clouds were reflected in here... I don't remember noticing that when shooting... I guess I got lucky again! ;)


  1. Beautiful! Wonder what was going through Atos' mind... probably "when is this guy gonna stop and play with me"...:) Dirk, you are not lucky; you are GIFTED!

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for your kind words! No clue what Atos was actually thinking (obviously!), but most of the time in the trunk he had his head down either resting or frowning... At this moment he was paying attention... And I feel really lucky to be presented with so much openness and am super happy when I manage to capture something special...