Thursday, December 1, 2011

Waiting and not...

Today's post is the result of three extended "trips"... I sometimes have trouble figuring out how to organize my entries once there are images from more than one date... I guess I need some kind of order... I'm German after all! ;) So, what is this post about, other than "people in the subway"?
I think I'm trying to get closer to what it is that people do in the subway system... Waiting, passing time, sleeping and of course traveling from A to B... This is as well about my path: Trying to figure out how to portray my subjects in this very impersonal space in a personal way... Again: If you find yourself in one of the images, please drop me a line and I'll send you a print!



Still tired.


Shades are cool.


He reminds me of someone... Mmmh...

I love how people dress in NYC... Always fun to look at!

He reminds me of Morrissey...

Subway as shared space for traveling and sleeping...

Man browsing magazine covers...

Great hair cut!

Here too! :D

Love when this happens: The signage makes the picture!

Have I already said that shades are cool?

Waiting! Again!

Grumpy? Suspicious?

Love this! "My" entrance at 127 Street...

Creating privacy through closed eyes and music... (Maybe even noise cancelling head phones?)

I had plenty of good frames to chose from... But this is my favorite... Didn't seem to be too successful to make money right then... He packed up very soon after...

I hope this one doesn't need any explanation.

Running to catch the S(huttle) to Grand Central... (Successfully!)

Stuffed train, ready to go...

Not quite Tokyo's people pusher, but still! ;)

Rush hour is great: People stacked very deep, lots of stuff to shoot!!!

I literally followed this older man around to take his picture... Then lost him before I could get any closer... Still like it... The distance tells a story too...

Love how the incoming train tugs on her hair...


  1. what I would love to see is a picture of you in this setting :), are all these are shot with the 16 mm ?


  2. Rajat, good to hear from you! Hope all is well!
    Will try to fill your request soon... ;)
    And yes, these are all shot with the 16mm (24mm equivalent).

  3. i miss and not miss the subway... mostly i walk or bike these days. your subway entrance is so decrepit! filthy new york, just how i like it.

  4. Hi Blinking Memories,
    Thank you for your comment! I think there is a part of this entrance in an earlier post... But I can't find it now... In any case: I love the mix of the older, partly run down New York mixing with the newer stuff and the people in the city...