Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Trying to calibrate monitors, printer and different papers... All while trying to finish up this segment of another personal project of mine... So I was happy to get out of the house and run some errands... And take some pictures on the way... Here's to resolve and trying to get it all done! I just love the expression on his face in this picture... At first I was not too happy with the images I was getting today... I mean I already got some great stuff in this series... So in my mind I have to do better each time... Of course that is only holding me back... Sometimes you just have to show up and try your best, I guess... ;)

 I love that both of them do their thing with their hands in this image...

Tone in tone: Hair, bag, seats and add... All color coordinated! And me in the reflection of the window... (I'm trying my best here, Rajat! ;))

Again an example of the camera being smarter than me... Focusing on the hand instead of the face made the shot more interesting...

A special request being filled: At least one image in every blog subway post needs to wear sun glasses! ;)

 For me the image works because of his reflection... Of course his hat does its part too! :)

Having lived here a while now there are still some things that don't really make sense to me... (Well, maybe because I'm German where it only became ok again to fly the flag recently...) But I still find it strange to have a flag on a train that is only ever used locally... It's not that it will ever get confused with Italian, Canadian or Mexican trains, no? 

Again I was already on my way home when I came across this woman... I'm so happy that I did!

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