Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Next stop: Museum Of Natural History

Last weekend I was out with a cold and itching to get back to this project...
After some not too successful attempts to show more of the outside of the stations I happened to remember how much I liked the artwork at the 81 St Station on the B,C lines... It fits perfectly with the theme of the Museum that is right upstairs... I seem to recall that you can actually enter it pretty much from the subway as well, but have forgotten how to do so... This is an example of great art in a public space making the experience much more exciting and enjoyable...

Old school lamp signs in front of the old school museum building...
Right out of frame are signs of the ongoing renovation efforts around that (79 St) entrance... Will have to go back there when they are finished.

More beautiful old school stuff... Classy! I mean it's Central Park West after all!

More details of same lamp post...

At the 81 St Station entrance...

What would you call this? Floor tile art? Love it!

This is so vivid! And surprising in a subway station... Have to go back for the reverse shot... Messed that one up!

Not the most exciting piece of art in the station by itself but love the colors and the symmetry!

Showing more how it is integrated into the station layout... I love this station! Did I say this already? I mean it's not grimy and in different stages of decay, but it still has some melancholic air to it... Or maybe that is just me?

Not quite without elements of decay after all...

Detail of the universe in an exit leading to the planetarium...

More floor tile art shown in context with the "don't fall off the platform edge" indicator...

Even more floor tile art: Edgy cat...

Like these to... A little cold in style, but still interesting...

Suck it!

Creepy! Not!?

Snake(s) in the subway...

Art work insects waiting to pounce on whoever is going to come out of that door!

Floor art work leading the way...

I like how the art work continues from wall onto the floor... This was one of the pieces that had grabbed my attention initially... Maybe because I had walked in at that end of the station... But I love how it is integrated into the space!

Great earthy quality in this one! No wonder, we're on our way to Brooklyn!


  1. Brilliant pics! Next time I'm in NYC, I need to be more aware when I am in the subway stations!

  2. Thank you, Loretta! I would be honored if my work could make just one person be more aware of the world around them.

  3. I love it! .. I read a book about people living underground in the subway tunnels, it was so dark and isolating, yet forming a community. It makes me smile to think people, and all people, can enjoy this. Your photography highlights the perfect moments of everyday life.. sometimes lost.

  4. lovely photos dirk, can't wait to get back in the big city and look for its artistic side : )
    my last visit was too short and too busy!

  5. @Michelle: Thank you for sharing that you think that my images highlight the extraordinary in everyday life! I like that!
    I was always intrigued by the topic of people living underground, but somehow scared as well, so I never got around reading up on it... Maybe it's time to confront all that! ;)

  6. @Tawfik: Thank you! I'm glad that my work is inspiring you to think of spending more quality time with the city! Hope you will make the most of it!

  7. The book was mole people (life of people in the tunnels of NY), there was big questions on the truthfulness of this book, but you can read it as a short, easy read, novel. I'm sure there are nice ones on the market out there. So many stories in photography, I'll make a point to follow your work now and again.

  8. Michelle, thank you for explaining and the link! Will look into that... I saw a documentary about people living in abandoned tunnels a while ago... Interesting stuff! It was called Dark Days... Hope to see you around here! ;)

  9. Oh great, I want to check that out for sure. I'm a big fan of documentaries. Thanks.