Monday, March 14, 2011

Me at the United Nations!

I just returned from an event at the United Nations... What an interesting location! Lovely to be there! Here are my impressions taken with my iPhone:

UN logo... Actually taken on the way out, but I thought the logo would make a good opener for the story... (Reversed, because shot from the inside!)

That's what brought me there: US premiere of Julian Schnabel's movie Miral.
I really cannot see what was so controversial about it... Thought it could have been shorter, but had a good time watching it and after...

Great architecture of the general assembly hall...

Ceiling... Love the detail and shapes! (Interestingly enough it even came out prettier than in real life!)


Look who was there too: Fabulous writer & public speaker Mona Eltahawy.

Divided ear pieces... Usual status quo in these halls?

We could be friends!

Testing: 1, 2...

Yes, no, maybe?

Pump up the volume!

Good, old Philips design! Love!

Seats in retro design... Or vintage?

Fancy blue seats!

Multi colored seats...

Phone booths and out...

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