Thursday, June 10, 2010

Taking portraits further...

A few days ago I received two copies of this beautiful German magazine Dogs.
I might be biased though... They had found the cover image (taken by yours truly) via the stock site trunk archive. I am super happy about the cover: The printing looks great and the magazine gives lots of play to photos in general.

About the image: It was taken a while ago... In photo school I had been taught that portraiture is about the image of a human. After years I wanted to see what else could be done inside or outside those parameters... I mean for me it was always more about trying to capture the characteristics of who I encountered than just reproducing the outward shapes of what was presented. I was trying to transport my emotions as well. After I felt that this was possible in the normal settings, I tried to see where else I could take this... Dogs to me show a lot emotion and characteristics on the faces. So they were my first targets...

I like this image because it touches me. Yes, it might be just my imagination or interpretation, but to me there is a lot of stuff going on there!


  1. Dirk - great cover and great picture!

    I'm curious though - tell us more about what you see going on there in the dog's face. His eyes are deep!

  2. Thank you, Mona.

    I see him as some kind of rascal in a melancholic moment... As if contemplating something...

  3. Dirk, the picture is beautiful. Looks a lot like our toy fox terrier. What breed of dog is this?

  4. i believe it's a jack russel terrier..
    i'd love to hold that rascal.........
    i'd like to know his name and where he lives.........i'd say he's a show quality pooch..