Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well... An artist for another one...

I wanted to post something yesterday about an artist I portrayed recently for the German magazine Der Spiegel.
Unfortunately none of my images made the issue... They used material from her shows to more explain who the artist is and what she does... Well, in any case I was disappointed... When I used to work with a sports photographer to do portraits on someone but that person didn't perform well, the stuff didn't get published... I always felt that was unfair... I mean, we did our job, so we deserved to get published, no? And I was happy that this was not the case with my clients... I guess you never stop learning!
Looking beyond my bruised artist's ego I have to say though that my images wouldn't have made that much sense with the other images selected for that story, so I cannot really fault them... Those images will be posted another time.

So I decided to post an image of another artist I portrayed with writer Mona Eltahawy a little while ago: Shirin Neshat.
We met her in her NYC loft just after the launch of her movie "Women without Men" (which is fabulous by the way!).
She was very welcoming and we got to meet her partner Shoja Azari, their dog Lara and their cat (I didn't catch its name but was informed (after I pet it for a while) not to touch, as it apparently bit other guests before.) The cat was super intrigued by my equipment cases and I had a somewhat hard time to get access to them after it settled right on top of them... Well, I was a little more careful as well, as I just had been told the anecdote about the biting incident...

The image was taken during the interview. I usually try to take images during the interview and do some more formal shots after the writers are done with their stuff... This seems to give me the chance to capture more animated sides of the subject as they are not that aware of the camera. What I like about it is that it shows Shirin's spirit, the natural elegance of her posture and the way she uses her hands to communicate.

Not much else to report other than that one of my HMI ballasts broke, so I had to improvise regarding my lighting set up.


  1. Dirk

    It's great to hear the behind-the-scenes artists thoughts and to learn more about how you compose your images. Thanks for sharing.

    I really enjoyed interviewing Shirin Neshat and I'm glad to see you got such a great image. Looking forward to having your image along with my text on my blog soon!

  2. Thank you, Mona! I'm really looking forward to reading your piece as well! Yalla! ;)

  3. So...jealous...rage...building!

    No really...I love Shirin Neshat and think she is as beautiful as her artwork. You are incredibly lucky!

  4. Thank you, Mary.
    It was really a pleasure to meet Shirin.