Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Well, summer is here... with a vengeance... Usually a slower time for me, I had big plans regarding finally starting this big project I'm trying to get off the ground... But more about that when I really have something to show... Shooting, post production and the heat have put that on the back burner for now... Not that I'm complaining... ;)
(at least not about the work!)

But to the subject (or picture) at hand: I shot it with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app... I love this app... Wish there was something like that for real cameras... You take the shot and all is done... I mean I love the ability to take images closer to what I "saw" when I took the shot, but all the post production work is actually not that much fun... I'd rather go out and take more pictures...
In any case I love that it makes pix from the iPhone looking interesting... I mean the general quality of that camera (3 GS) is not that great, so every little bit helps...

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