Monday, August 29, 2011

Apologies!!! And an image!

First off: Thank you to those who have expressed that they want to see new installments here! It really helps to get feedback like that when contemplating of posting images or not... Luckily I have been busy with assignments recently and will hopefully be able to post some of those images soon... Here is one image of an assignment I did last week... I was invited to Atlanta and met Sherlock there... A small dog with a big personality and loads of talents! I don't think my recollections will do him justice, so I will wait for his mum to chime in if she wants to...

PS: I somehow forgot the apology: Sorry for not posting more recently! I'll try to improve the frequency of my posts!

I really like this image of Sherlock. He looks very smart and alert especially considering his age...
He definitely made me change my mind about small dogs! This image was originally taken to show Sherlock in relationship to his mum, that's why I actually like him partly obscuring her leg as if to guard her... Thank you both for opening up and sharing your life with me!


  1. Dirk, this is a fantastic picture of Sir Sherlock, my 14 year-old Yorkshire Terrier and Service Dog. You perfectly captured his alertness, intelligent eyes, and his self-assured posture. His ears are so pretty perked to make sure that he heard every word you said. Yes, Sherlock is Mister Personality - so named by our Vet that, just like you, thought small dogs are just good for sitting on the lap and yapping! LOL Not so with Sherlock as you experienced. He might just start a new career now as a Model. LOL My Sherlock is truly special and I thank God for him and the gifts he gave Sherlock. I will try to get a copy of this picture to send to the healthcare facility where Sherlock made such a huge difference. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

  2. Thank you for allowing me to capture his personality, "Tolerance"! It was a pleasure to meet you two! Let me know if you need a larger format file of this...

  3. Oh, yes, that would be wonderful! I do want to send it to the healthcare facility and to the law enforcement agency that "employed" Sherlock and his incredibly sensitive nose. They are so proud of him, just a bit superseded by my pride and love for him. Actually, I also want to frame it for my desk because Sherlock has literally saved me during a few medical crises. As you know, I am not a good photographer and could not capture what all you captured in this picture.

  4. I'm pretty convinced that Sir Sherlock is indeed royalty:)
    What a perfect combination of greatness: Sherlock & his Mom!
    Wonderful article.

  5. @Delle: You are of course correct: I somehow have omitted the title! Sorry, Sir Sherlock! And thank you for your comment!