Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Slideshows! Not new, but new for me!

Last summer a friend suggested to play more with the combination of sound and images... Slideshows came to mind as I do not like videos that much... I mean for myself... I am a photographer after all... So, this is the first one of a series of personal slideshow projects on people that I find interesting... I feel that being able to match audio with the images gives the whole piece an added dimension...
It took me quite a while to get comfortable with this new media set up, so please forgive my lack of posts here!
I hope to post these pieces here now more regularly from now on!

I saw Daniel Robinson first when he conducted a fitness boot camp thingy in the gym where I work out... He was visually so perfect for the part of the bad drill instructor that I had to grin wildly... He was not amused! Running into each other in the neighborhood and the gym we started talking at some point... What a kind and generous soul he is! I was very happy when he agreed to take part in this piece about him, a true New York icon... Yes, indeed you can see him training outside pretty regularly... (when there is no snow that is!) ;)

You can get in touch with him via his email: Drmaxtrain@gmail.com

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