Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stars, lots of stars...

Relaxing in and around Aspen was fun this weekend... Photographer Dan Bayer and his lovely wife Sarah took us up to Independence Pass to star gaze... And he was super generous regarding tips on how to capture them as well... I don't think I have seen quite as many stars before... It was cold but a fabulous experience! Thank you!

It was of course pitch black up there, but I used my new LED light on a stand to light up some of the details like this sign here... On super minimal setting of course...

Weather station at Independence Pass.

Glow of a town on the right side and in the middle a car coming up the road...

Restrooms. Profane, I know, but I just loved the symmetry and had to capture this.


  1. These are fantastic!!! Love the horizontal one.

  2. Thank you, Gudrun! It was a beautiful experience! I'm glad the images were able to transport some of the magic we experienced that night!