Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Surprise!!! More New York subway pictures!!!

I guess I have caught the subway bug now!
I love the idea of whole, vitally important systems hidden away...
Layers under layers beyond sight... Fascinating!
Today I traveled to 145 St., 148 St. (both on the 3 line) & 23 St. - Ely Ave / Court Sq. in Queens...

I have seen this quite a few times by now... The blue seems to be part of the new color scheme used in the newer cars (E line for instance)... Does this mean that the nice 70s look of our 3 trains is slowly going to be replaced by blue seats?

First of 3 different ID signs I discovered at 145 St.

Love this mix of different eras tech/design!

Pretty narrow platform with lots of pillars!

When you spend enough time on the subway you discover stuff that you usually only see in case of emergencies... Escape route decals from the inside of a stopped train.

Don't really know why lonely trash cans fascinate me so...

145 St. station has no uptown access.

Newer style station ID.

Second exit.

I guess the white was applied in the recent restoration and just rotted away already in the earlier example...

Love this! Creepy!

This station seems more matter of fact...

But still has exposed steel columns!

Yeah! Who knew that you can take the subway to Jamaica?

I just wonder how the subway art work is actually selected... I'm mainly unimpressed...
I like the little people on 14 St. (A, C & E lines) though...

Wonderful style mix of bump guards!

More strange art work...

On my way back home... 59 St. - Columbus Circle... Quite vivid I have to say!


  1. Great photos--I especially liked the 4th,5th and 11th in this set.

    That last mural is by Sol Lewitt, one of my favorite artists http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/09/09/sol-lewitts-tiles-brighten-columbus-circle-station/.

    Every time I come across one of his murals/pieces in the city, it's always a happy surprise.

  2. Thank you, Corinne, for letting me know about the mural at Columbus Circle! That one is actually quite fascinating.